REKIXX Recyclable Design Diagram

ReKixx while they look and feel like they are made of canvas and rubber, are actually manufactured using a special blend of lab certified 100% recyclable materials. It is with our unique mix of materials and proprietary construction, that all parts together, of your worn and beaten ReKixx sneakers, can be recycled or “ReKixx-ed” to make new products and materials, including a new pair of ReKixx.

For honest and true recyclability, when your beaten ReKixx sneakers have absolutely no kick left, send them back to us where we can guarantee, from laces to sole, your ReKixx will in fact remain the only completely Landfill-Free Sneakers™.

NOTE- As the ReKixx effort grows and works to achieve its mission, to educate and initiate improvements in recycling, it is the goal that your worn ReKixx sneakers will be accepted for deposit directly into your curbside recycling bucket just like your #1 plastic water bottles and your #5 plastic yogurt cups and butter tubs.

For the good of your feet, for the good of the planet . . . reduce, reuse, ReKixx™

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