ReKixx cool sneakers 100% recyclable is the vision and creation of husband, father, avid recycler, Gary Gagnon, reaching back to 2009. He was taking out the garbage seeing several pairs of worn-out shoes in the trashcan right next to the recycling bin that he thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could recycle our sneakers instead of throwing them in the trash."

Fast forward to see a sneaker that is truly landfill-free. With extensive research, several material trials, and lab tests complete, ReKixx are the only sneakers that all parts together, from laces to sole, can go back into the recycling process for zero-landfill impact. Fact is, with our focus more on our footprint, than on our foot, ReKixx started with the message first and the look later.

Now with our purpose to “keep it out of the earth” achieved, ReKixx, with cool designs that are trend-right and a marketability that is uncommonly unique, perhaps ReKixx could be considered the most inventive sneaker of its time. All said, with a cause for the greater-good, ReKixx is energized to deliver sneakers, build a brand, and share its message of eco-smart awareness and sustainability with the world.

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